Another Ottava Rima Poem

An Ottava Rima is an Italian poem made up of eight lines, eleven syllables per line, with a rhyme scheme of abababcc.


Squared circle gladiators lace up their boots

The crowd settles in awaiting the action

Are you ready to rumble, tumble and shoot

Good versus evil, neither gaining traction

Body slam, suplex, an eye gouge from a brute

The face comes back despite ref distraction

With his signature move and a one two three

Good prevails in the bout and the crowd is free


An ABC Poem For Kids

ABC poem

This week’s Greater Ashland Beacon newspaper features my fifth children’s story in two months. “A is for Alex” is a 26 line, alphabet based poem/story. (Did something a bit different for National Poetry Month.) Pick up a copy or visit to read this or others from my ‘Bedtime Stories’ column, including tales of a superhero kid named Buck, and one about a little girl who joins the circus, and another about a big hearted boy named Gabe. And be on the lookout for “The Nocturnal Pizza Bandit” and more in the weeks and months ahead.

What is an Ottava Rima Poem?

An Ottava Rima is an Italian poem made up of eight lines, eleven syllables per line, with a rhyme scheme of abababcc.

Example:  (This example also doubles as a Pez poem.)

Pezheads rejoice as that July time draws near

Precious plastic pieces packed away with care

Mr. Bean, Dash, SpongeBob, Vader, have no fear

Soon you will be in Cleveland, one must prepare

Young and old, from all over, hold them so dear

Oh, the fun and games and fellowship they’ll share

For four days each summer when all can relive

The joys of childhood and the fun Pez can give

For more information on Pezamania:

What is a Tanka Poem?

A Tanka poem is a Japanese work similar to a haiku, but with two additional lines to allow for a bit further development, detail.  The syllable per line ratio is 5-7-5-7-7.


She sings soulfully

The tunes her mother taught her

She dances freely

The jig passed down by her dad

What once was breathes life again

What is a Diamante Poem?

A Diamante Poem is one that, by following specific instructions, should end up resembling a diamond shape.



fun, energetic

innocent, fast, idealistic

An exhilarating ride, a march toward its wiser brother

slow, steady, skillful

aged, refined


To make your own:

Pick a one word subject for the first line, then two words that describe that subject for the second line.  The third line should include three words that point back to your subject.  The fourth, and longest line, contains a brief phrase referencing line one, followed by another brief phrase that points down to line seven.  Line five should include three words describing the line seven subject.  Line six will have two words describing the line seven subject.  Line seven is a one word subject.

What is an Acrostic Poem?

The most common type of Acrostic Poem is one in which the first letter of each line spells out a word.



Actors take their places.

Crowds hush.

Rare is the anticipation so great

On both ends.

Synergy between artist and audience

Technician and designer

In the moment, all, throughout the night.

Clapping ends the show with sighs of exhilaration and relief.


You can also try an Acrostic where the last letter, or even the middle letter, spells something out.

What is a Cinquain Poem?

A Cinquain poem is, basically, a five line poem that does not rhyme.  Though some variations dictate what should be on each line, (and there are loads of different variations) the basic and most agreed upon structure requires no more than a 2-4-6-8-2 syllable per line setup.


Summer Cinquain


Burgers sizzle

Busy lightning bugs glow

A child plays gleefully outside


Some would not title their cinquains.  Others do.  And I probably shouldn’t use the same word at the beginning and end, but, as previously stated, there are loads of variations.  It’s poetry.  Have fun with it.