13 Days of Halloween Stories: Day 3


My seven year old son wrote this bat inspired tale in the Summer of 2017.  It was originally published in the Herald Dispatch online.


Levi’s Baty Dream

By Levi Joy

I’d like a pet bat. I think I’d love a pet bat because bats are my favorite animals. I like them because they are nocturnal. They are very cool creatures. They can fly. I would take care of it. It’s name would be Baty.

I’d put it in my closet with a little window on my closet door, so I could see it without any light bursting into its room. And then I’ll have this little latch that I slide food to it through. Then, when it’s nighttime I’ll hang these covers up on my porch. The covers will hang up around the porch. And then I’ll let it go out there. It won’t be able to fly out, but it will be able to fly around my porch. I’ll go back inside and go to bed. Then, in the morning, it might be sleeping on the porch and I’ll take it to the closet and say, “Good night, Baty.”

Then I’ll go into my backyard and pick some fruit for Baty. And then I’ll bring it to Baty. And when he wakes up he probably will eat it, if he’s hungry that is. Later in the day, I’m going to get some more food out of my garden in the backyard for Baty. I’ll bring Baty’s food outside on my porch and hang the covers on my porch and let Baty fly around my porch and I go to bed.

Every night I’ll play with my pet bat inside my house. I’d have some fun with my pet bat. We’ll play hide and seek, tag, and all sorts of fun games. I’ll even teach it some games that it might not know. I’ll teach it some board games and play some board games. I’ll teach it how to play Life and we’ll have fun playing Life, too.

Then I’ll let Baty outside and I’ll go to bed and wake up in the morning with Baty hanging upside down on my porch and I will take it and put it in my closet and say “Good night, Baty.”

The End



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Jonathan Joy has been a door to door salesman, landscaper, bike mechanic, burger flipper, bus boy, shoe salesman, bowling alley attendant, carpenter, actor, director, political campaign manager, teacher, playwright, college professor, and newspaper columnist. He lives in West Virginia with his wife and their seven year old son.

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